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ottobre 14, 2021 - Puma

Puma together with Red Bull Racing Honda unveils behind the scenes looks how to create a special edition race suit

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The history of PUMA special edition race suits together with the team of Red Bull #racing Honda is already rich. It all started with the “Lederhosen” special race suit in Austria (2016), continued with the cowboy suits in Austin (2018) and the tuxedo design in Silverstone celebrating James Bond (2019). “We are not afraid of doing something a bit different. Special Edition Race Suits are something we have done in the team historically, but we haven’t done it in a while now”, says Team Principal and CEO of #redbull #racing Honda #christianhorner. The eye-catching white design of the latest #puma special edition race suit is to celebrate the teams’ race-winning alliance with power-unit supplier Honda before they leave the stage of Formula One at the end of the season.

Design language is always quite specific. “As we started to design the race suit, we tend to go a little bit old school. The white suit comes about as a thank you to our friends at Honda. We wanted to take some of their heritage with their white uniforms and liveries back in the 50s, 60s and bring it into current day with us,” explains #gregauchterlonie (Head of Brand Design, #redbull #racing Honda). “I took the inspiration from Max Verstappen visiting the Honda factory in 2019. He was walking in his #redbull #racing Honda race suit next to Takuma Sato in his white race suit which is relying a lot on the red of the Honda logo. So I tried to merge both designs and bring it into our 2021 race suit.”

When the design process is finished the production comes to play. PUMA´s race gear factory is sitting in Turin (ITA), supplying race teams worldwide. Since 2016 #puma has been customizing the race gear of #redbull #racing Honda drivers. “The process to make a race suit starts with the design we get from the teams. We immediately check the feasibility of the fabrics and patterns and then we go into the process of allocating all the logos, all the different shapes and stripes of the suits, and then we forward all the information to the supplier who starts to produce the suit,” acknowledges #mauriziosicco (Teamhead Motorsport Racewear, PUMA). “The process we follow to make the special edition suit is exactly the same as the other suits. What is changing is the color of the material, the shape of the CAD lines and the position of the logos. But in terms of technical specification of all the materials, they are exactly the same as every suit of every GP.”

The safety as well as the performance of the race suits is what counts the most in the end to protect the drivers from fire, as well as fitting them perfectly to perform their very best. “10 - 12 years ago one suit could easily be 1.5 kg of weight. The goal was and is to make the suits as light as possible. For example, we are not embroidering the logos anymore because it is heavy, so we are printing the logos.”