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dicembre 24, 2020 - ITRI

ITRI's Handheld Skin Quality Optical Coherence Tomography Fact Sheet

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Handheld Skin Quality Optical Coherence Tomography

ITRI is showcasing its Handheld Skin Quality Optical Coherence Tomography at CES 2021. It is the world’s first handheld optical coherence tomography (OCT) system that analyzes subsurface skin structures and detects collagen distribution in the dermis layer. With a built-in skin quality analysis model, the technology incorporates AI to evaluate skin quality for medical purposes and provides valid scientific proof for the cosmetic industry.

Technology Breakthroughs and Features:

  • A non-invasive high-end optical imaging instrument that weighs less than 400 grams, which allows users to operate the device with one hand.
  • Employs AI and anti-shake image capturing technology to examine and analyze subsurface skin structures within 10 seconds.
  • With high-precision imaging and analysis ability, it reduces the development time and cost for new cosmetic products.
  • The compact and lightweight OCT scanner serves as an easy-to-operate tool for medical doctors to evaluate patients’ skin conditions in clinics and hospitals.

Technological Components and Specifications:

  • Model number: ITRI-HSQ-OCT-v1-01
  • Light source: 880 nm +/- 30 nm SLD
  • Resolution: 8 µm (transverse)/7 µm (axial)
  • Scan depth: ~1 mm (in tissue)
  • Diameter of the probe: 3-10 mm
  • Frame rate: 70000 A-Scan/sec (max.)
  • Length/Width/Height: 4.68/4.017/3.51 (inches)
  • Weight: 0.82 (pounds)
  • Retail Price: USD$45,000


  • Assisting doctors in skin quality assessment and medical diagnosis.
  • Offering the #beauty industry a convenient tool to evaluate the effects of skincare products, shortening their time-to-market while reducing the number of animals used in experiments.

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