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agosto 07, 2016 - Nike

Nike doubles down on digital

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On the heels of today's Nike+ #app launch, #nike announced it will open a new digital studio based in New York City, focused on pioneering engaging, consumer experiences across the #nikedigital portfolio.

The digital studio will house a newly acquired team of talented tech entrepreneurs, formerly of Virgin Mega, who will initially work on expanding the community and functionality of Nike’s core mobile experiences to better serve athletes everywhere. This team of mobile experts is at the center of technology, culture and commerce and will enable #nike to capitalize on the latest market and consumer opportunities. 

“I’m excited about the expertise that the NYC digital studio will bring to #nike,” says Adam Sussman, Nike’s VP and Chief Digital Officer. “This new team will greatly advance our efforts to build strong, authentic connections to our consumers by delivering fun, innovative experiences, easy access to our products, and robust community engagement.”