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luglio 02, 2016 - Nike

Victory by Design

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Back in Ancient Greece, victorious athletes wore little more than a scrap of fabric to receive the laurel wreath that designated their championship status. Modern athletes have instead opted to take the podium in statement apparel that displays their national pride, providing #nike with a prominent opportunity to showcase its progressive designs. This summer, the company advances that tradition by reimagining the iconic ceremonial #sport style for the United States Olympic Committee and Comitê Olímpico do #brasil. Using Nike’s most innovative methods, designers have created the #nikelab Dynamic Reveal Team Jacket and Pants specifically for that seminal medal-stand moment.

The premium garments showcase a contemporary athletic, fitted silhouette and vivid interpretation of each country’s national colors extended across a spectrum of modern hues.

The #nikelab Dynamic Reveal Jacket’s ribbed knit sleeves provide zones of breathability and mobility, and bear ribbons of brilliant color (red for the US and yellow for Brasil) when the arms are in motion. A woven front panel protects against wind, while the engineered mesh back panel and side panels support ventilation. The country name is engineered directly into the back mesh. 

Complementary #nikelab Dynamic Reveal Pants, available only to national team athletes, also champion comfort and mobility. A vertical ribbed zone provides a full range of motion and breathability while flashing the same arresting shade as the jacket ribbing when the athlete shifts or bends. 

Team #brasil and Team #usa #nikelab Dynamic Reveal Jackets are available July 28 at #nike.com/nikelab and select #nikelab stores.

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