Cookie Consent by Free Privacy Policy website Maison CHAPAL unveils its new collaboration with Afro-Caribbean artist Dayron Ferguson
july 05, 2022 - chapal

Maison CHAPAL unveils its new collaboration with Afro-Caribbean artist Dayron Ferguson

Following the urban luxury movement, #chapal is willing to collaborate with the singer #dayronferguson whose next EP "Horizon" will be released next fall.

Jean-François Bardinon and Dayron met during the filming of the video clip "Paris est Magic" in the Parisian showroom, featuring the great JoeyStarr and Sully Sefil. #dayronferguson is making a name for himself despite the presence of these two music heavyweights.

The three artists dressed by #chapal improvise, play, dance, create improbable and offbeat looks; they dare. The atypical personality of #dayronferguson seduces #jeanfrancoisbardinon, the President and Artistic Director of #chapal. Together they work on the creation of this label. A collaborative process charged with emotion is in place.

Before deciding to devote himself 100% to music, #dayronferguson attended #fashion school in Paris and worked for 10 years as an assistant designer for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Royal Wear, Dump Fresh and Rockthestreet.

His knowledge of #fashion is evident in the way he wears each piece.

Dayron's greatest asset: an ultra-contemporary vision that links past and present, cultures and trends from every continent.

"In creation Dayron is not afraid. Ashamed of nothing. He assumes everything, dares everything. He brings his vision of style. His silhouette is never stiff. He lives #fashion as an art, with outfits that he experiments and makes them its own. Dayron wears his pieces with a natural and casual elegance." says #jeanfrancoisbardinon.

Dayron Ferguson has a thirst for all forms of art. During the photo shootings, he presents silhouettes that he composes himself. He combines pieces, materials and styles that he wears with originality. His artistic talent shakes things up. His personality breaks the codes. His passion for #fashion blossoms, filled with inspirations from various horizons that are based on the foundations of an Afro-American culture.

Everything is simple, unashamed and very professional. He brings his artistic sense with a disconcerting naturalness and talent. He is free and it shows.

Dayron explains: "Our meeting is that of two designers, Jean-François Bardinon's sensitivity is very attractive. He listens, shares and exchanges: our #collaboration is based on mutual respect. We are two free electrons and our creativity is infinitely expressed.

With Maison #chapal, I found this mix of refined luxury and offbeat creation in the pure tradition of French know-how. I wear #chapal pieces in a different way, which is what #jeanfrancoisbardinon liked.

My favorite piece: the Firefighter uniform, an ultra-modern reinterpretation of a reformed uniform. By passing through the creative vision of #jeanfrancoisbardinon and into the hands of CHAPAL's craftsmen, this garment is offered a completely different second life."

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