march 18, 2020 - Essenzialmente Laura

Hand sanitizer and fight against Covid-19

Personal and environmental hygiene is fundamental in the fight against Covid-19

The fight against Covid-19 involves the best laboratories and scientists in the world. While waiting for an effective remedy to eradicate the virus, we must, however, contribute to limiting its spread with our behavior: a few precautions are enough to significantly reduce the risks of contagion and protect loved ones.

To make a contribution to the battle that we are all fighting with courage and a sense of responsibility, and thanks to the fact that the measures taken by the Italian government allow the perfumeries to remain open, the perfume creator Laura Bosetti Tonatto has created a sanitizing spray fragrance.

The spray sanitizes and moisturizes the hands and is composed of a concentration of 70% Vol alcohol, as required by the regulations for sanitizing products and by the indications of the Ministry of Health. Packaged in a 50 ml bottle, the fragrance is available at the symbolic price of € 7 in the Essentially Laura shop in Via dei Coronari 57 in Rome and in the online boutique

Laura Bosetti Tonatto thus anticipated the initiatives taken by important perfumery groups, such as the French LVMH which decided to produce a sanitizing spray.

The "Soffio" spray fragrance is also available in the "Essentially Laura" shop in Rome, a 70% Vol sanitizing product to be vaporized on fabrics (coats, cushions, sheets, curtains, sofas ..) and inside the wardrobes. "Soffio" is particularly useful for sanitizing and perfuming paper (documents, banknotes) and is sold for € 32 in a 100 ml pack.

Although we have all drastically reduced our movements and purchases, experts warn us that the virus can remain latent on banknotes, paper and surfaces. A sanitizing product can help us contain it.

Among the other products that since ancient times were considered useful to maintain a healthy environment, Laura Bosetti Tonatto also reports the incense (powerful antiseptic and natural antiviral) to be spread in the rooms of the house and offices and the essential oils of lemon, of thyme and lavender to be applied, as authoritative doctors and scholars advise, around the nose, mouth.

The battle against the pandemic will still be long and will require a great deal of commitment from everyone. But the first step is to take better care of ourselves and more attention for those close to us, starting with personal hygiene and that of the environments in which we live.