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july 16, 2019 - Quinag Communication

Announcing the Minute Repeater Resonance

Minute Repeater Resonance: #arminstrom Masterpiece 2 is a world first two-in-one

Minute Repeater Resonance by #arminstrom, the world’s first and only resonance chiming wristwatch, offers two-in-one for double the pleasure. Two complications, resonance and minute repeater; two vertically-stacked independent movements; two forms of resonance (oscillators and sound propagation); two independent mainsprings in one barrel; and two top development teams in #arminstrom (resonance) and Le Cercle des Horlogers (repeaters).

The #arminstrom #minuterepeaterresonance is a limited edition of 10 pieces in Grade 5 titanium in honor of the 10th anniversary of the manufacture. There will be no more editions