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may 15, 2018 - Hublot

Hublot sends a powerful universal message because we are all champions

2018 is the year of the FIFA World CupTM with #hublot as the official timekeeper. To mark this special moment #hublot is celebrating football with a powerful universal message on the values that drive a champion. #hublot counts legends including #pele, Maradona, Jose Mourinho and Usain Bolt as friends and brand ambassadors. They embody success with their strong mind-set and inspiring performances. As champions they convey the message “How to become a champion!” The campaign is brought to life through 13 visuals of football legends combined with motivational quotes. With 30 days to go until the FIFA Wold Cup starts, legends like #pele and Maradona share their thoughts on what made them into champions. This unique project brings together celebrities who were not expecting to meet each together – it is an Art of Fusion moment for which #hublot is known. 

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