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october 17, 2017 - Nike

Nike - These 9 new workout pants were designed by specific activities

Today, #nike is launching nine new or updated workout tights and pants as part of the new #nikepantsstudio, a concept designed to give athletes more choice and enhance their workouts with apparel that was made for specific activities.

“We are designing for every athlete — no matter what activity they’re doing,” says Jamie Lee, Senior Design Director for #nike Women’s Training. “On top of expanding the styles, we’re giving choices for materials, finishes, feel, rises, lengths and features.” Think of it like a denim bar for your workouts.

The designers poured over each element of fit, from the ideal average length for a given activity, to making sure the waistband is high enough for coverage but not so high that it makes it hard to bend or move during a particular #sport and so on.

“We got insight from elite and everyday athletes and did a ton of wear tests and focus groups with women from all over the world, asking them things like, ‘What do you look for in a pant or tight? What is your favorite style? What do you love about the ones you’re currently wearing? What do you wish your pant or tight had?’ and so on,” says Lee.

That feedback resulted in designing unique technical features that have the potential to improve each silhouette's particular workout experience. “We know that many women do different types of workouts, and for each workout, there is something they need functionally from their tight or pant that isn't the same across all the activities,” explains Lee. “So, now we have styles that are more for the studio, for traditional training workouts and even a team-oriented tight.”

Beyond performance, determining what style is right for you can also have a profound effect on your workout motivation. “What you’re wearing can play a big role in how confident you feel,” says Joslyn Thompson Rule, a Londonbased NTC Master Trainer. “And that can be the difference in getting to the gym or not in the first place.”

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