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march 21, 2017 - Ducati

1926: the new male fragrance by Ducati

  • Licensing agreement between Bologna-based motorcycle manufacturer and leading cosmetics firm Diamond International
  • The “1926” fragrance evokes the buzz of the #ducati world: a new line oozing subtle style
  • Original fragrance and bottle for a new approach to male cosmetics
Borgo Panigale, Bologna (Italy), 20 March 2017 - The year 1926 means everything to #ducati. It was the year the legendary motorcycle manufacturer - which has just celebrated its 90th anniversary - was founded. Choosing the name “1926” for this new male fragrance was, then, a choice as easy as it was logical.   The “1926” tag refers to a men's product line consisting of Eau de Toilet 50 ml and 100 ml bottles, a shower gel and a deodorant spray. A fragrance that evokes the passion, personality and pure panache of the #ducati world.   “1926” is the result of a licensing agreement between #ducati Motor Holding - whose bikes are undisputed icons of excellence, technology, innovation and style - and Diamond International, member company of the So.Di.Co. Group and leader in multiple segments of the toiletries-fragrances market. The agreement was negotiated and finalised by IMG, Ducati's exclusive licensing agency.   The top notes offer a decisively aromatic accent, juxtaposed against the bracing freshness of tangerine and a bitter hint of bergamot. Middle notes offer renewed balance, with delicious inklings of cocoa enveloping the timeless elegance of lavender, accompanied by the firmness of geranium. The base notes merge practicality and aesthetics with a powerful hint of cedar and intense notions of amber, all softened by a vanilla and Tonka bean wrapping.   Fittingly, the “1926” bottle recalls the sleek lines and seductive styling of #ducati motorcycles. An elegant, deep black fuses with silver to express innovation while a forceful red evokes an appetite for high performance.   “The new “1926” male fragrance embodies the passionate #ducati world”, comments Alessandro Cicognani, Ducati Licensing Director. “The ingredients of personality, design and style are just what we want from this exciting new product line, the result of a prestige partnership with Diamond International.”   “This close collaboration - between two globally successful companies that both have close ties to their local roots - is something we have great faith in”, states Claudia Colomboni, So.Di.Co. Group marketing and communications officer. “1926 is not just a male fragrance. It is, above all, Italian Style, where quality meets the flair that has made us world famous.

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