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january 15, 2016 - Omega Watch

Hosted at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, the special event included a revealing look at the revolutionary new timepiece and the future of OMEGA watchmaking

On January 12th, OMEGA proudly launched the OMEGA Globemaster - “The World’s First Master Chronometer” - at a special press conference at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in #shanghai.

Guests were treated to an exclusive look at the new timepiece and were also given detailed information about the new certification process behind the watch. As the first timepiece to have passed the 8 stringent tests approved by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS), the OMEGA Globemaster is in the illustrious position of being the world’s first Master Chronometer.  

Master Chronometer status is the new standard of quality and #excellence within the industry and, over the past several years, OMEGA has worked together with METAS to create this brand-new level of watch testing that covers precision, anti-magnetic resistance and performance.

The launch of OMEGA Globemaster not only marks a defining moment in the history of the brand, but also shows yet another dimension to OMEGA’s commitment to horological quality and innovation.

On stage was Swatch Group CEO, Nick Hayek, who spoke about the pioneering spirit which is at the core of OMEGA’s brand values;

“Pioneering means to have the courage and creativity to do new things. Not only for your personal benefit, but to make progress in society and the industry. A pioneering spirit is part of OMEGA’s legacy. As the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games, OMEGA divides the winners from the losers in these Games. As a pioneer in explorations to the Moon, OMEGA creates progress for humanity. OMEGA has also brought its pioneering spirit to China and become a part of this society with the values that the brand has. ”

He then also reasserted these sentiments regarding the OMEGA Globemaster and the significance it has brought to the industry;

 “With the new METAS certification and the outstanding performance of the new Globemaster, OMEGA has unprecedentedly set a new standard of precision that is open to the whole Swiss watch industry. ”

Stephen Urquhart, president of OMEGA, also gave his thoughts about the great occasion.

“The new certification process approved by METAS ensures that each watch far exceeds the standards that have long been our industry’s norms. As the first to pass this certification, the OMEGA Globemaster marks a new era for the future of our brand.”

To help guests understand more about the excellent craftsmanship and extraordinary design of OMEGA watchmaking, a wide variety of vintage models that inspired the Globemaster and the full Globemaster collection were displayed at the press conference. Meanwhile, the guests were welcomed into an interactive station where they could experience the outstanding performance of the OMEGA Globemaster through a series of magnetic experiments.